The forgotten power of reading aloud

I recently read the book The Enchanted Hour (Gurdon, 2019) in which the author recalls what novelist Kate DiCamillo once said to her: ‘We let down our guard when someone we love is reading us a story … We exist together in a little patch of warmth and light’. Image: supplied, Darren Halim These words […]

Understanding the benefits of music education for three to five-year-old children

Three to five year olds love to engage with music and movement and naturally enjoy singing, dancing, exploring sound sources, listening and being creative. At this age, children also experience many great advances in development. Music education can be extremely beneficial in supporting this development, helping children establish crucial physical and social–emotional skills. It can […]

Relationships matter

I have worked in the early childhood profession for many years. First, as an educator in a variety of different settings and now as a university lecturer and researcher. I have always valued the importance of relationships with children and always worked hard to build and nourish these with children, families and co-workers. However, the […]

Body, gender, and sexuality diversity in early years education

At the 2022 Early Childhood Australia National Conference, there was a noticeable interest in body, gender and sexuality diversity (BGSD). BGSD interests are relevant to all early childhood education and care settings. Identity, including body, gender and sexuality, features prominently in Belonging, Being & Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), and Canadian […]

‘Don’t miss out on the exciting future we are creating’: Get involved with Early Learning Matters Week

Early childhood educators, parents, carers and community leaders will gather at services around the country from 17–21 October 2022 to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of early learning and the difference the profession makes. Early Learning Matters Week is a chance to showcase how high-quality, play-based education and care supports young children to […]

‘I hear you, baby’: The role of co-regulation in building self-regulation skills in our infants and children

When babies are born, they have very little ability to self-regulate. From infancy, primary caregivers—including early years educators—are invaluable in helping children to learn this skill through co-regulation. This image is sourced from Shutterstock. Co-regulation has been described as ‘The ability to regulate through the comfort of another’3 (Leila Schott,, April 2022) or as […]

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