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A new study of Warlpiri language shows how ‘baby talk’ helps [children] learn to speak

Parents and other caregivers typically modify their speech when they talk to babies and young children.  They use simple sentences and special words, like “nana” for banana. They also speak slowly, use a higher pitch, and exaggerate the ups and downs of the “tune” of their speech. In many languages, caregivers also exaggerate their vowels in a […]

Supporting multilingualism: What parents think and what we should do as a community

Due to increased global mobility and the unprecedented forces of globalisation, the world has become increasingly diverse. We are all witnesses to social, cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity in schools and early childhood services. Research on multilingualism and multiculturalism in primary and secondary school settings is well documented (e.g. Baker & Wright, 2021; Esau, 2014; […]

Reading to your child: the difference it makes

If you are a parent or a teacher, you most probably read stories to young children. Together, you laugh and point at the pictures. You engage them with a few simple questions. And they respond. So what happens to children when they participate in shared reading? Does it make a difference to their learning? If […]

Parents have the biggest influence over their child’s language and emotional development

How is it that in a country as prosperous as Australia, one in five children are developmentally at risk by the time they start school? What’s more, the problem is twice as great for disadvantaged groups. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds have a greater risk of poor health, social, emotional, cognitive and language problems that affect […]

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