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A guide to the environment as the ‘third teacher’ 

Are you curious about why the environment is called the ‘third teacher’? This concept rose in popularity through the global growth and influence of the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. The founder, Loris Malaguzzi, said there are three teachers of children—adults, other children and their physical environment.  How does the environment ‘teach’ children?  The Reggio Emilia […]

Enabling environments and children’s agency: Connecting the pieces

The Early Years Learning Framework (DEEWR, 2009, p. 45) defines agency as being able to make choices and decisions, to influence events and to have an impact on one’s world. Children’s agency is supported through intentional teaching, involvement in decision making and reciprocal, attuned responsive interactions. (ACECQA, 2018) all of which constitute the environments that […]

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