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Body, gender, and sexuality diversity in early years education

At the 2022 Early Childhood Australia National Conference, there was a noticeable interest in body, gender and sexuality diversity (BGSD). BGSD interests are relevant to all early childhood education and care settings. Identity, including body, gender and sexuality, features prominently in Belonging, Being & Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), and Canadian […]

‘I hear you, baby’: The role of co-regulation in building self-regulation skills in our infants and children

When babies are born, they have very little ability to self-regulate. From infancy, primary caregivers—including early years educators—are invaluable in helping children to learn this skill through co-regulation. This image is sourced from Shutterstock. Co-regulation has been described as ‘The ability to regulate through the comfort of another’3 (Leila Schott,, April 2022) or as […]

Block play as an enduring, powerful toy  

Associate Professor Kym Simoncini shares research and findings ahead of her masterclass ‘STEM in the early years: We can all do STEM’ at the ECA National Conference from 5-8 October 2022.  If you’re interested in seeing Kym present as part of the conference program, you can purchase a virtual ticket.   The image was sourced from iStock. […]

Preparing children for 21st century success: seven key skills

Internationally recognised paediatrician, author and social entrepreneur Dr Laura Jana says early childhood is everybody’s business. She is on a mission to change the paradigm and the public conversation about the skills needed for success in the 21st century.  Dr Jana spoke with ECA, ahead of her international keynote address at the 2022 ECA National Conference ‘Passion to […]

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