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Zid Mancenido is the Australian Education Research Organisation's Senior Manager of Research and Evaluation. Having started his career as a high school social sciences teacher in Canberra, Zid has experience working across education policy, practice and research with organisations around the world, including Teach for Australia, the Australian Government and the National Institute of Education (Singapore). Most recently, he taught courses in teaching quality and general pedagogy at Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is currently completing his PhD in Education Policy and Programme Evaluation at Harvard.

Using evidence to improve children’s outcomes

Written by Zid Mancenido, Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation and Amie Fabry, Senior Researcher at the Australian Education Research Organisation. Hensman Street Elementary in Perth is looking into research on play and inquiry. ‘Our observations, videos, photographs and records tell us how our children are engaging in learning and interacting with peers, the environment and our […]

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