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Yeshe is a Lecturer at the Department of Educational Studies, Macquarie University. He has worked in early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings for over a decade in multiple cities across the world including Osaka (Japan), Ulsan (South Korea), Wakayama (Japan), Concepcion (Chile), Granada (Spain) and Honiara (Solomon Islands). Through his work and life overseas, he has acquired an interest in natural learning that we have evolved with (e.g., the types we needed on the African Savanna, in small tribes). His career has reflected a belief in two premises: that all social problems can be addressed most effectively through education, and that early childhood is the most crucial period in life. Historical records helped him develop the Following in Our Footsteps intervention, which has demonstrated the effect parents and educators can have on children’s interest in literacy and numeracy in just 4 weeks. By partnering, educators and parents significantly increased the amount children chose to play with literacy and numeracy in their free play. This resulted in greater reading, writing and arithmetic on standardised tests. The intervention has shown that adults can get young children more interested in useful learning without taking away children’s choice or their right to play and explore.
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