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Tristan Page has 18 years’ experience working in the early childhood sector, particularly long day care settings, and is currently working at Adamstown community early learning and preschool. Having recently moved from Sydney to Newcastle, he and his wife are enjoying the change in lifestyle. Tristan prides himself on having a good rapport with children, and enjoys collaborating with families in order to get the best outcomes for the children in his care. He hopes to foster within children a love of learning and a desire to explore nature. Children's mental wellbeing is important to him and, while he wants children to be challenged by their surroundings, he sees it as a matter of great import that children feel a sense of comfort and belonging in their community. Tristan is an advocate for children’s rights and he’s passionate about promoting the role of men within the early childhood sector. He continues to be heartened by the support he receives, both at home and in the workplace.
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