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Having experienced first hand the benefits of practicing mindfulness – feeling less stressed, more focused, open, flexible and organized, Dr Sharn Rocco began integrating mindfulness practices into her pedagogy and researching and teaching mindfulness in education, healthcare and community settings. In 2012, while scholar-in-residence for the Initiative on Contemplative Teaching and Learning at the Garrison Institute New York, Sharn resigned her tenure at James Cook University, to dedicate herself to the work of bringing mindfulness to life. Sharn has designed a unique Professional Development opportunity for teachers: Bringing Mindfulness to Life@School. The value of mindfulness in education begins with the mindful teacher and extends to offering mindfulness practices to students as a life skill. Practicing mindfulness helps teachers to establish and maintain supportive and safe learning environments. This is what underpins the design and delivery of the unique Professional Development course, ‘Bringing Mindfulness to Life@School’.

Bringing mindfulness to life at school

‘Mindfulness’ as a concept and a practice has rapidly entered the zeitgeist, helping to define the spirit and ideas of our times, including in education. Not much more than a decade ago a Google search for mindfulness and education would show the Garrison Institute Initiative for Contemplative Teaching and Learning at the top of the […]

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