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Sheila Degotardi is a Professor of Early Childhood Education who specialises in infant-toddler curriculum, pedagogy and learning. Sheila is also the Director of Research, in the Macquarie School of Education.

Recognising the health communication efforts of the early childhood sector

From the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, the early childhood sector was tasked with expanding their required health practices to include up-to-date, health information to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among staff, families and children. Despite considerable concern about their own health and safety, educators and providers responded quickly to this new challenge, drawing on their established health knowledge […]

Shaping the power of talk

Language is a vital tool for learning as it enables children to build knowledge and extend their thinking. Associate Professor Sheild Degotardi will be presenting at the 2021 ECA National Conference. In this blog, Sheila gave us a little insight into her research and what else she will be exploring in her address. Early Childhood […]

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