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By day Rebecca McIntosh is a childcare blogger and runs Day Care Decisions , a blog that draws inspiration from childcare, early learning, returning to work with two small children and red wine. Rebecca has a Bachelor’s degree in Business, a Master of Digital Media from QUT and further study in Career Development. Rebecca began her career working in a disability advisory service, supporting the development of online training modules for professionals in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She expanded on her community development work in Scotland with a focus on youth, coordinating a local government program to engage young people in community partnerships before moving to a European level managing the UK office of a European network, Eurodesk. Rebecca worked in state government before moving to her current position as Career Advisor at the University of Queensland where she has been for the past 7 years.

5 career kickstarters for mum

If you have been out of the workforce on maternity leave or taking some time out to nurture your little ones then maybe it’s time for a career kickstarter for mum? Sometimes two weeks in an organisation can mean they have rearranged the seating or reclassified your role and if you have been out of […]

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