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Molly Rhodin is an outside the 'circle' thinker, consultant, teacher and trainer. Molly has been proudly involved in the early education and care sector for more than 26 years in roles ranging in each sector type and from hands on teaching to executive leadership and management. During this time Molly has rode the wave of change, challenged it, accepted it and created it-and continues on the wonderful journey. Known for her practical, energetic and very creative techniques of teaching and inspiring, Molly has branched off from teaching at CIT Canberra and is now the Managing Director, primary consultant and trainer for her popular business, Down to Earth Practical Solutions.

Indigenous food nourishes connections

When we take authentic steps to embed Indigenous perspectives into our teaching practices, we invite children to construct their own relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges. For educators, this opens a world of opportunities within their professional teaching practices, by examining themes such as art, craft, literature, music, food, sustainability, animals and environments. […]

Family trees and belonging walls

As educators, we talk about fostering a sense of belonging and identity within our services and communities—one way we do this is through the use of photo displays. Reflecting on this in relation to how we display images of ourselves, our educator teams, and the children and families within the service, I wonder what impact […]

It takes a village

If it takes an entire community taking an active role in contributing towards the raising of a child, then are we still not acknowledging the male elephant in the room? The advocacy of men in early childhood education (ECE) and the societal perception of male educators in general are troubling for the entire sector, and the […]

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