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Dr Mihiri Silva completed a Bachelor of Dental Science (HONS) in 2004, Master of Dental Science in 2012 and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Paediatric Dentistry) in 2013, all at the University of Melbourne. Mihiri works in the Specialist Paediatric Unit of the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and is the oral health promotion officer at the Department of Dentistry, Royal Children’s Hospital. She is currently in the 3rd year of a PhD through the School of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne based at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute/Royal Children’s Hospital. Mihiri’s project is a study of twins and aims to better understand the early life risk factors for common dental conditions like tooth decay and enamel defects.

Child tooth decay is on the rise, but few are brushing their teeth enough or seeing the dentist

One-third of preschoolers have never seen a dentist and most parents believe children don’t need to see one before they’re three years old. Yet one-quarter of Australian children have tooth decay that requires filling by early primary school. One in ten require an extraction. Results released today from the latest Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health […]

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