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Louise Newman is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of University Centre for Women's Mental Health, Royal Women's Hospital. In January 2011 she was appointed as a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia. She is a practising infant psychiatrist with expertise in the area of disorders of early parenting and attachment difficulties in infants. She has undertaken research into the issues confronting parents with histories of early trauma and neglect. Her current research is focussing on the evaluation of infant-parent interventions in high-risk populations, the concept of parental reflective functioning in mothers with borderline personality disorder and the neurobiology of parenting disturbance.

Sending children back to Nauru risks creating a generation of damaged people

The 37 asylum seeker babies and 54 children who risk deportation from Australia could face significant, irreversible mental health damage if sent back to Nauru. And the longer they’re detained, the greater the risk of damage. A report released today by the Australian Human Rights Commission shows children previously detained on Nauru already show significant […]

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