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Lisa Bryant is an advocate, consultant and journalist in the education and care sector. She is a regular opinion writer for Fairfax newspapers and the ABC on early education and childcare issues, co-author of publications such as A Director’s Manual, Managing an early education and care service in Australia and Fairs, Fair: How to tackle bias in education and care services. Lisa undertakes research about social planning and education and care provision. Lisa is a sought-after keynote speaker on education and care issues. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of government policy (historical and current) in the early education and care areas. Her special interest is the impact that the gendered nature of the sector has on those working in the sector. Lisa is proud to work in a sector dominated by strong, lively women who stand up for children’s rights on a daily basis.

Is love the same as care?

A growing trend has seen the term ‘love’ used to describe everything from government welfare drug testing to what educators should aim for in their practice and environments for young children. Two blog posts on The Spoke examine the issue from very different perspectives. In this blog, LISA BRYANT argues that love is not interchangeable […]

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