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Lisa Baker has been a teacher, learner and researcher in early childhood education for over 30 years and is currently working with the Research in Effective Education in Early Childhood (REEaCh) Centre at the University of Melbourne. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Education, Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and is currently undertaking a PhD at Melbourne University, researching wellbeing literacy and early childhood education. Her presentations and publications highlight the synergies between the fields of early childhood and wellbeing science, combining theory and practice for educators.

Children’s wellbeing and literacy – how they go hand in hand.

Early childhood is an undeniably critical life stage. Decades of research and neuroscience supports this and the knowledge that quality early education and care (ECEC) programs are beneficial for children’s learning and development (OECD, 2017; Shonkoff, 2010). We also know that, alongside academics, we can (and should) be working towards wellbeing outcomes for children in […]

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