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Kirsty Costa is an award-winning educator who is passionate about helping young people adapt and thrive in our ever changing world. She has helped hundreds of early childhood services and schools to create education programs that inspire and galvanize communities into action. Kirsty translates educational approaches and behavioural science into bite-sized pieces so that teachers and students can be more effective change makers. Kirsty was awarded the 2013 Victorian Environmental and Sustainability Educator of the Year. She was also chosen to be trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader in 2014.

Ignite girls’ lifelong interest in science

National Science Week is next week (15-23 August) and this blog highlights women in science. Kirsty Costa, from Cool Australia, says children learn to associate science with men from an early age, and educators and families can do something about that. Read on for more and see the links below to Cool Australia’s free early childhood science […]

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