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Kate Williams is an Associate Professor in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education, QUT. She leads the Centre for Child & Family Studies, and is Academic Lead (Engagement) for her school. Kate is also a member of the Centre for Child Health & Wellbeing. Kate's research aims to address inequities in health, wellbeing, and educational outcomes that often arise due to early childhood adversity. She is an expert on children’s development of self-regulation and the parenting, educational, and intervention contexts that support such, along with the developmental outcomes associated with children’s self-regulatory functioning.

Neuroscience in early childhood: What do we know? What do we need to know, and how do we translate this knowledge to practice?

Neuroscience is not an overly familiar term or topic of conversation heard in our early childhood settings. Defined as the study of the structure and function of the human brain and nervous system, neuroscience has been a growing focus of research worldwide over the past two decades. Interestingly, weaving its way through this field of […]

All children need heroes

Child abuse and neglect reporting is challenging. No doubt about it.  Challenging. The factors that make it challenging are very complex.   Photo by Lizo Sonkwala on Unsplash Factors that influence professionals’ reporting practice can be personal and professional. These include things like thresholds for reporting (what child protection systems need for a report to be […]

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