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Julia Rennick is an early childhood music and movement teacher. She taught early childhood music at Gunnedah Regional Conservatorium for more than 25 years and was a peripatetic music teacher in a number of schools and preschools. Julia has been a mentor with Richard Gill’s National Music Teacher Mentoring Program since 2016, presents with Musica Viva and has created an online music program for families and educators. Julia is passionate about the extensive benefits of music education and believes it can begin at any age. She has worked with different age groups, from infants up to 80-year-olds. Julia was honoured to reach the final four in the 2019 ARIA Music Teacher Award.

Understanding the benefits of music education for three to five-year-old children

Three to five year olds love to engage with music and movement and naturally enjoy singing, dancing, exploring sound sources, listening and being creative. At this age, children also experience many great advances in development. Music education can be extremely beneficial in supporting this development, helping children establish crucial physical and social–emotional skills. It can […]

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