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Judy Radich is an early childhood educator and Nominated Supervisor Cooloon Children’s Centre Inc. with a long history of working with young children in preschool and long day care. She is passionate in providing environments that support educators to do their job well, where children have opportunities to explore the natural world in planned and opportunistic ways.

Mud play—yes please

As more and more early childhood services understand the need for young children to engage with nature and natural environments, many services are introducing ‘mud play’ to their curriculum. We only need to watch children after a heavy shower of rain to see their delight in the puddle on the grass where ‘mud making’ often […]

Mixed-age grouping – why we love it!

Mixed-age grouping is also called family grouping in education and care settings and is simply where children are grouped in mixed ages rather than the more traditional way of grouping by age. The current trend of smaller families, children spending more time in out of home care and family mobility means many children have little […]

Physical activity or sun protection?

In early childhood services we are often faced with challenges from policy documents and positions of national, state and territory authorities that sometimes conflict with, or make us rethink, how we run our programs and meet children’s needs. Promoting physical activity The  Early Years Learning Framework demands that we underpin all our practices and policies on […]

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