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Joanne Grimmond has worked in early childhood education and care (ECEC) for 30 years as a teacher, director, lecturer, trainer, and community engagement coordinator. Her current role is as an E-learning Content Officer in the professional learning team at Early Childhood Australia. With a great passion for early childhood mathematics, Joanne’s current PhD research focus is the development of a play-based numeracy assessment tool for educators to use with children using blocks. She is a a dedicated and passionate advocate for the early childhood sector, particularly in the area of workforce development and quality improvement, with her area of expertise being emergent mathematics, play-based learning and intentional pedagogy and practice.

Play in the Home: Why it’s essential for early childhood development

This article appeared in Every Child magazine Vol. 28, No.2, 2022  The home offers rich and authentic opportunities for play-based learning, Joanne Grimmond observes. Children’s formative experiences of play in the home lay the foundation for their later learning, and digital platforms, such as the new Play and Learn Together web-based resource, can be used to […]

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