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Isabel Brookes is employed as a Research Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, the University of Melbourne. Following completing a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) through research, Isabel has worked on studies focused on supporting vulnerable children’s learning, early childhood quality improvement, pre-service teacher preparation, educator professional learning and evaluation. Isabel’s current work aims to promote the learning and development of children identified as at risk of poor educational outcomes through the use of evidence-based strategies in early childhood services. In 2015 Isabel relocated to Alice Springs to manage and implement research projects based in Aboriginal early childhood centres. Since this time, she has worked closely with Aboriginal organisations to address the educational needs of young children within the Alice Springs community.

Promoting early learning in remote Indigenous early childhood services: A reflection on presenting at the 2016 AJEC Research Symposium

Early educational experiences had by children in the years prior to school are key to later academic, social–emotional and health outcomes. This has been shown to be especially true for children who experience high levels of disadvantage as this formative period lays the foundation for positive learning trajectories[1]. The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) highlights […]

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