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At Forrest Out of School Hours Care it is our core mission to embrace and celebrate play. Play takes on many forms and is unique to every individual. Through our knowledge and expertise of children and play, we know that children learn through play, therefore we plan for play. It is inevitable that risk-taking will occur while children play and we believe that this is a good thing. By exposing children to risks they are able to learn their limitations, develop strategies to cope when faced with risks and so by not facilitating these opportunities we would actually be doing a great disservice to the children.

Playwork at Forrest Out of School Hours Care

In this article, the FOOSHC team discusses the Playwork Principles, which the service has embedded in its practice, resulting in strong developmental outcomes for children and awards for excellence. Image: supplied, FOOSHC Forrest Out of School Hours Care (FOOSHC), rated ‘Excellent’ under the National Quality Standard, is a community-based, not-for-profit service in Canberra run by […]

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