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Evelyn worked for many years as a clinical specialist paediatric dietitian at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. She has a particular interest in breastfeeding and has qualified as a lactation consultant. Other areas of interest include optimal nutrition for infants and children and nutrition management of cystic fibrosis. She co ordinated a specialist course for dietitians wishing to develop expertise in paediatrics and has had extensive experience as a clinical teacher through her previous role as an adjunct lecturer from 2001. She has presented widely at many meetings on paediatric nutrition topics. She is currently a senior lecturer at Monash University and convenes the Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Forget quinoa and kale, these basic foods for your kids’ lunch box will give them the nutrition they need

With the start of another school year upon us, parents are preparing themselves for the constant task of making lunch boxes. Many parents feel pressure to include superfoods in the lunch box, which can be costly and impractical, especially if their child doesn’t like them! Yet while superfoods are hyped everywhere as being essential items, […]

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