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Emma Pierce is currently Inclusion Coordinator with Early childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA) (NSW/ACT). Emma trained as a Special Education Teacher and has worked with children with disabilities and their families for the last 19 years in the UK and NSW, primarily in the area of early childhood intervention. Emma developed ECIA NSW/ACT’s Working Together Agreement in consultation with a range of stakeholders and was the main author of ECIA NSW/ACT’s Transition to School Resource (2014). She has developed and facilitated numerous training programs for parents, carers and professionals. Emma has also co-authored a number of other practical resources for professionals and families. Emma is a sessional academic at Western Sydney University and was previously the Manager of Early Intervention at Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

Collaboration for inclusion

Collaboration is vital to inclusion for young children with developmental delay or disability, but it doesn’t always happen easily. Early childhood educators are well positioned to nurture collaborative partnerships with families and communities through their everyday relationships and practices. When external professionals visit early childhood settings, there is the possibility for great things to happen […]

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