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Eva Cox is a public commentator, community change agent, well known feminist, on a postage stamp, Boyer Lecturer 1995, and active social and political researcher. Eva has taught policy, advocacy and research methods, run research consultancies, worked as a public servant, political adviser and consultant. Her professional expertise is policy and research issues. She is working on evidence bases for social policy with Jumbunna with an emphasis on income management at present. Eva has written widely on a range of political and social issues.

Feminist childcare fight comes full circle as job-based policy fails children’s needs

In the 1970s, feminists pushed for children’s services that recognised the need for care for children whose mothers had jobs. In 2015, the situation has reversed. Feminists and others concerned about good social policies need to push the rights of children to funded children’s services, regardless of whether the child’s “primary” carer has job-related activities. […]

Morrison’s nanny program risks undercutting quality care

Social Services minister Scott Morrison has unveiled the first part of the Abbott government’s “families package” ahead of next month’s federal budget and the signs are not good. With the announcement of a $246 million two year pilot nanny subsidy program for low to middle income families, Morrison is signalling clearly he is willing to […]

What do Australians need in a ‘families package’?

University of Technology, Sydney There are a lot of babies around, and the numbers are increasing. However, Australia does not have coherent policies that recognise the effect of parenting on workforce participation and vice versa. Parenting is still defined as a “women’s issue” so no real policies exist to make it possible for both parents […]

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