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Dr Somayeh Ba Akhlagh lectures in early childhood education at the University of New England (UNE). Before joining UNE in 2020, she taught early childhood courses and educational psychology in various universities in Australia and overseas. Somayeh has also worked in early childhood settings as an educator in Australia and Iran. She has received five scholarship awards for her passion for teaching diverse groups of children—including those living with autism, Down syndrome, developmental challenges and other special needs—and for outstanding achievement in her postgraduate studies. Somayeh has also achieved an outstanding result in overall student satisfaction at UNE.

Promoting cultural competence in early childhood

There is growing awareness and effort in Australian classrooms to understand, respect and support cultural differences, but are we starting early enough? If we want to create a society that values diversity, we must start instilling an appreciation for multiculturalism in young children as early as possible. Learning and development happens rapidly during early childhood, […]

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