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Dr Luke Touhill has worked in early childhood education and care (ECEC) for over twenty years, as a teacher, director, manager, trainer and lecturer. He earned a PhD from Macquarie University through research that investigated the design of children’s services in Australia. He strongly believes that a well organised and well-resourced physical environment is a key factor in the quality of ECEC practice. Luke’s PhD thesis, Designing for children, explored the history, development and design of early childhood environments in Australia from the first free-kindergartens in the 1890s to the present. Luke was the co-host of ECA’s Environment makeover documentary and has written and spoken widely on the topic of early childhood learning environments.

A call for voices: What do you think of young children’s use of touchscreen devices?

Touchscreen devices are becoming more prevalent in everyday life. They feature as a key tool for daily tasks and entertainment for most adults and children. They are especially easy for young children to use, resulting in increased engagement and broader scope for digital play (Lowrie & Larkin, 2020). In fact, it is common for children […]

What if?

Since the introduction of the EYLF intentional teaching has become one of our professional buzzwords. While the idea that we might have an active role to play in children’s learning is not a new one, the term has helped us to see that our intentions matter – both to us and to the children we […]

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