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Dr Jane Torr is an honorary associate in the Department of Educational Studies at Macquarie University, where she has taught in the areas of language, literacy and literary development to early childhood education students for more than 20 years. Jane has undertaken funded research on young children’s language and literacy development, and published in research and professional journals. Her current research focuses on the language environment experienced by infants under two years attending early childhood education and care centres. She is also a consultant on a joint project between the NSW State Library and investigators at Macquarie University focusing on the nature and role of early literacy programs offered by NSW public libraries.

Children’s literature as a gateway to reading

Children’s lives are enriched by literature. Picture books support children’s understanding of the thoughts, feelings and motivations of other people, and teach them new facts about their world, which plays an important role in their linguistic, social, emotional and intellectual development. Educators and parents/carers support children’s learning by engaging in rich and interesting book-focused conversations […]

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