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Cindy is a Child and Family Health Nurse, Midwife and the Clinical Director of Ternity Group, which encompasses industry-leading safe sleep and settling training—Sleep Smart. Having worked in the early learning sector since 1998, she has a keen interest in the health and wellbeing of families. She offers a sensible, response-based approach to helping babies and children sleep, and can assist parents and carers with the associated problems this presents.

‘I hear you, baby’: The role of co-regulation in building self-regulation skills in our infants and children

When babies are born, they have very little ability to self-regulate. From infancy, primary caregivers—including early years educators—are invaluable in helping children to learn this skill through co-regulation. This image is sourced from Shutterstock. Co-regulation has been described as ‘The ability to regulate through the comfort of another’3 (Leila Schott,, April 2022) or as […]

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