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Ben Jackson has a wide range of pedagogical influences and passions which shape his unique style as an Educator. Having a varied background from Stand up Comedian to Radio Announcer, Ben now invests all of his passion and energy toward this vital institute known as Early Childhood Education (ECE). Actively completing his qualifications he is already making strong and consistent strides forward in the sector. Advocating for equality as the key contributor and facilitator behind MANscaping the male Educator (via Facebook). Ben also supports appropriate professional development of quality educators through his work with a leading national Education consulting organisation. Additionally he was announced among the 2017 finalist for Australian Family Early Education and Care in the category of rising star. Ben widely promotes personal beliefs around a necessary reform of the culture aligned with education. Specifically of increasing ownership and elevating educator professional standards allowing the Early Years sector to advance further toward being publicly considered a viable career path for all in the future.

It takes a village

If it takes an entire community taking an active role in contributing towards the raising of a child, then are we still not acknowledging the male elephant in the room? The advocacy of men in early childhood education (ECE) and the societal perception of male educators in general are troubling for the entire sector, and the […]

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