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Dr Angela Fenton has a Bachelor of Education with Honours from the University of Leeds and a Masters of Early Childhood Education from James Cook University (JCU) in Queensland. In her Doctoral thesis Angela explored child protection and pre-service education using a Strengths Approach. Alongside her studies, Angela worked in early childhood classrooms and services for over twenty years as a teacher, director and training project officer. Angela has worked in inclusion roles with children with disabilities and was the state manager for the Indigenous Children's Services Unit in Queensland. She has taught in the United Kingdom and in Australia. In the tertiary sector of education, Angela has taught early childhood education in the TAFE and university sector for over ten years (at JCU previously and now for the fifth year with Charles Sturt University). Angela is passionate about teaching and researching in the early years of education and values an interactive approach to collaborative learning.

Why it matters to transform parent involvement from early childhood to primary school

How can parents best help their children with their schooling without actually doing it for them? This article is part of our series on Parents’ Role in Education, focusing on how best to support learning from early childhood to Year 12. The phrase “parent involvement” in children’s learning may conjure images of parents in the classroom […]

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