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In her career as an early childhood teacher and tertiary educator Dr Amanda Niland has always been fascinated by young children's interest in the arts. This has inspired her to develop research projects in arts education as well as to write songs, poems and stories for young children. Her aim as a lecturer in early childhood is to inspire pre-service teachers to nurture young children's development in the creative arts. Amanda has a keen interest in social inclusion and inclusive education and is involved with community music groups in an early intervention setting. Amanda is also an author of children's picture books.

Music and inclusion

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You’ve probably heard it said many times that music is good for children; and unlike vitamins or broccoli, it also ‘tastes’ good! Researchers in recent years have been building up a convincing case, showing that music eases stress, stimulates brain development, aids memory and spatial awareness, supports communication and language development and promotes a sense […]

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