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I am currently a Research Associate in the ESRC-funded International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD) at the University of Liverpool. I work on the Language 0-5 Project, a longitudinal study investigating individual differences in the language development of 80 children from the age of 6 months to four and a half years. I focus on the naturalistic data aspects of the project, looking at children's prelinguistic gesture use and their symbolic play abilities, amongst other things. Previously, I have worked on children's syntax development and on phonological development.

From signing to ‘sensory’: can trendy baby classes really boost a child’s development?

Parent and baby classes are increasingly popular, and the choice greater than ever. These days you can even take newborns on courses ranging from massage, yoga, music and swimming, to “signing” (teaching babies simple gestures to communicate needs), and “sensory” (letting babies explore different textures, sights, sounds and so on). Many of these courses promise […]

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