Empowered to impact change: Learning together through Communities of Practice

Early childhood education is a constant revolving door of new information, insightful understandings, complex perspectives and thought-provoking research. Our role as early childhood educators and teachers is to dive headfirst into this pool of information and filter the noise of overwhelming perspectives in our profession, developing our practices. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash That’s […]

Supporting multilingualism: What parents think and what we should do as a community

Due to increased global mobility and the unprecedented forces of globalisation, the world has become increasingly diverse. We are all witnesses to social, cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity in schools and early childhood services. Research on multilingualism and multiculturalism in primary and secondary school settings is well documented (e.g. Baker & Wright, 2021; Esau, 2014; […]

Transitions to outside school hours care: Opportunities hiding in plain sight

In this article, Emily Greaves and Dr Jen Jackson from the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) remind us that some transitions happen every day—like that from school to outside school hours care (OSHC). AERO and its partners are working to enhance this transition to support the learning, wellbeing and development of Australian children. Photo by […]

Intentional teaching leads to purposeful play-based learning

Evidence-based intentional teaching, write Anna Razak and Dr Jen Jackson from the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO), can help educators and teachers progress and support children’s learning. It is also important for educators and teachers to incorporate the intentionality of children and their families into their planning for children’s learning. Intentional teaching is an important […]

The forgotten power of reading aloud

I recently read the book The Enchanted Hour (Gurdon, 2019) in which the author recalls what novelist Kate DiCamillo once said to her: ‘We let down our guard when someone we love is reading us a story … We exist together in a little patch of warmth and light’. Image: supplied, Darren Halim These words […]

Understanding the benefits of music education for three to five-year-old children

Three to five year olds love to engage with music and movement and naturally enjoy singing, dancing, exploring sound sources, listening and being creative. At this age, children also experience many great advances in development. Music education can be extremely beneficial in supporting this development, helping children establish crucial physical and social–emotional skills. It can […]

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