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At the Tech Speed Dating Hub later this week, host Dan Donahoo, and Digital Business Kit’s Clare McHugh, look forward to talking with all-comers about technology for early childhood. Some great sessions and presenters are planned but there’s also room to drop by.

Lunchtimes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you’re at the ECA Conference will provide a chance to play, listen, share and learn. Find out about the Search for Paperless Portfolios, Tips on Social Media and Websites, NQS and Software Options and Tech Tips from the Back Office to name a few.

Among the folks offering their experience in the Hub are Gowrie Dockland’s Michelle Gujer and Karl Hessian, Early Start’s Jane Morgan and Jo Grimmond, Hootville Communications’ Brett de Hoedt, educational leader Anita L’Enfant from Datacom, educators from Ruyton Girls School Vic and Redlands NSW as well as Neville Dwyer from the Dorothy Waide Centre for Early Learning. Hope you can be part of the Hub. Find us in the centre of the Exhibition Hall. Look for the people having fun.

Particular thanks to Project Synthesis and Dan Donahoo (@ddonahoo), Education Technology Specialists (www.edtechs.com.au), Datacom (@anita_lenfant), Hootville Communications (@hootville), University of Wollongong’s Early Start program (earlystart.uow.edu.au), Department of Communications (#digibiz) and Apple Education for supporting us with time, expertise and equipment. Click here to meet Dan Donahoo or watch Michelle Gujer and team talking technology strategies.

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Clare McHugh

Clare McHugh is a Project Manager in ECA’s Learning Hub. She is responsible for the Digital Business Kit, exploring possibilities for technology in the early childhood sector, and for Start Early, an initiative to develop long term strategies that prevent domestic and family violence. Clare has been thinking and writing about children, family and social policy for many years, including previously for the Commonwealth Child Care Advisory Council and the Australian government. Her background is in psychology and professional writing. She has worked in adult development and group facilitation, employer sponsored child care, family relationships and in the publishing industry. Outside of ECA Clare continues several writing and publishing projects through her freelance business.

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