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Our Learning Hub recently received this email from a preschool. We’re not sure that the preschool knows they have sent the message yet. From the content we guess they have been in touch with us before or had ECA’s Learning Hub in their contact list, which is nice to know.

The message shows certain skills too. Cap lock had been deployed for instance. And ‘sent from my ipad’ was still intact although a little buried. Could be an example of emerging literacy too. The words ‘I’ll’, ‘ok’ and ‘No’ appeared. It could also be an example of what happens when children get their hands on unprotected digital devices. (At least we think it was sent by a child or children.)

Time for attention to security. Take a moment to set a password and check security settings on your digital devices. It doesn’t take long. Just as it doesn’t take long for a young child to access email, the internet and other data on a digital device.

Check our previous post Three Ways to get smart and stay smart online for more on passwords. Perhaps the children already know how to do it and can show you.

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Clare McHugh

Clare McHugh is Early Childhood Australia's (ECA) Strategic Communications Executive, working on projects that support ECA’s reputation as a trusted voice for young children, their families, educators and carers. Previously Clare was ECA Learning Hub Content Manager and also worked on Start Early. Respectful relationships for life and ECA digital initiatives including the Digital Business Kit and Live Wires. Clare has been thinking and writing about children, family and social policy for a number of years, including previously for the Commonwealth Child Care Advisory Council and the Australian government. Her background is in psychology and professional writing. She has worked in adult development and group facilitation, employer sponsored child care, family relationships and in the publishing industry. Outside of ECA Clare continues several writing and publishing projects through her freelance business.

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