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Karen is an early childhood consultant, academic and freelance writer who has had extensive experience in a broad range of services within the early childhood care and education setting. Beginning her career as an Early Childhood Educator, Karen has worked in sessional Kindergarten programs and Long Day Care programs. Karen has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Education. Karen established Karen Hope Consulting in 2014. This consultancy practice specialises in professional development training and coaching to the early childhood education and care sector. She aims to provide services with a 'disruptive' approach to professional development that aims to challenge the dominant discourse. Karen also works in the higher education sector and is a senior lecturer in play theory and pedagogical documentation in the Bachelor of Early Years. Karen has a strong interest in the delivery of pre-service teacher training and is skilled in delivering innovative and flexible learning resources. Karen has had worked published in Every Child magazine and The Challenge -The Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange Journal. Karen is also a regular contributor to The Spoke, Early Childhood Australia's Blog and Early Talk, Early Learning Australia's Blog. Karen's consultancy practice and writing is strongly influenced by the Reggio Emilia project. She can be contacted on

Children – where are their tribes?

No body likes Everybody hates me I think I’ll go and eat some worms Fat ones skinny ones Long ones short ones Ones that squiggle and squirm I’ll bite their heads off Suck their guts out And throw their skins away Nobody knows how much I enjoy Eating worms three times a day – (Unknown) When […]

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