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Karen is an early childhood professional who has had extensive experience in a broad range of services situated within the early childhood care and education setting. Beginning her career as an Early Childhood Educator, Karen has worked in sessional Kindergarten programs and childcare. She coordinated the establishment of an Integrated Early Learning Centre Hub and has developed policies and strategies within the Local Government context. Karen has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Education. Following her work in children’s services Karen moved into Local Government where she worked as an Early Years Adviser providing support, coaching and mentoring to funded Kindergarten programs. Following this Karen moved into the area of quality assurance in Local Government and oversaw the implementation of the National Quality Framework within the Kindergarten, Long Day Care and Out of School Hours care sector. Karen established Karen Hope Consulting in 2014. This consultancy practice specialises in professional development training and coaching to the early childhood education and care sector. Karen specialises in on-site coaching, pedagogical leadership, and developing programs and practices that support children’s rights to participation. She provides individual service support or group training. Karen also works in the higher education sector and lectures on child development play theory and pedagogical documentation. Her email is

Is it time to rethink professional development in the early childhood sector? The ‘expert’ model may not be delivering much bang for our training buck.

‘And beware of advice from experts, pigs, and members of Parliament’ (Henson, 2007). In early December 2013 the Federal Government announced that it intended to redirect unused funding from the Early Years Quality Fund, which was established to support the implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF), to a new professional development programme: the Long […]

Hair Straighteners in the Home Corner

A year ago I wrote a blog piece called “Hair straighteners in the home corner. Is this what Froebel intended?” This piece was published on Early Childhood Australia’s blog The Spoke on October 14, 2015. When I was thinking of contributing to this forum I noted that the blog guidelines for contributors stated that: “opinion […]

The documentation pilgrimage

In the children’s literature classic Alice in Wonderland there is the following exchange between the curious, brave and intelligent Alice and the mysterious and devious Cheshire cat. “Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? The Cheshire Cat : That depends a good deal on where you want to […]

The Competent Educator

Recently during a professional development session I asked a group of educators what are the rights of educators? Were they the holder of rights, and if so, what were they? I thought about providing them with some context or giving them an example, but decided against this because as much as I wanted to know […]

Being Equitable Does Not Mean We All Get the Same Thing

I spent December and January travelling through Europe. Being tuned to all things early childhood I made the following observations: Peppa Pig is annoying in any language. Noise cancelling headphones on a plane don’t cancel out everything Nutella crepes do taste better and are better for you, if made in France The last flight out […]

Children – where are their tribes?

No body likes Everybody hates me I think I’ll go and eat some worms Fat ones skinny ones Long ones short ones Ones that squiggle and squirm I’ll bite their heads off Suck their guts out And throw their skins away Nobody knows how much I enjoy Eating worms three times a day – (Unknown) When […]

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