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I'm a researcher in the field of children and technology. I aim to lead new ideas and understandings about children’s uses of technology and to provide practical solutions that ensure technology is an empowering part of children’s lives. I work closely as an expert with government, key industry, education sector, and with families to develop practices that will help children to flourish in our digital society. I speak nationally and internationally on about children's uses of technology, and regularly present as an expert on TV, radio, and in print.

Don’t use technology as a bargaining chip with your kids

Do you take away your teenager’s phone to manage their behaviour? Maybe when they arrive home late from a party or receive a bad report card? Confiscating, time-limiting or permitting additional access to technology has become a popular parenting strategy. Surveys show that 65% of American parents with teenagers confiscate phones or remove internet privileges as a […]

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