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Dr Cvencek is a Research Scientist working with Dr. Andrew Meltzoff. Before coming to the Institute, he earned a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at the University of Washington, working with Tony Greenwald. Dr. Cvencek’s research interests focus on the development of academic gender stereotypes towards math and reading in elementary school children. Dr. Cvencek investigates the role of social learning in the development of stereotypes, for example math–gender stereotypes. He also considers how this learning of stereotypes in children may be facilitated by a tendency of the human mind to keep one's cognitions consistent with one another

When do children show evidence of self-esteem? Earlier than you might think

A YouTube clip called “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation” recently went viral. The clip shows a four-year-old Jessica standing in front of the bathroom mirror saying what makes her happy about herself. Many youngsters, like Jessica, seem to exude positive feelings about their abilities – they happily report that they are good at running, jumping, drawing, math […]

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