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Amy Conley Wright is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Member of the Early Start Research Institute at the University of Wollongong. Her research contributes to building the evidence base on family support by community organizations working with families of young children with disabilities and families at risk of child maltreatment. She is also studies effective advocacy for creating social change on behalf of individual children, communities and social policy. Her publications include peer-reviewed journal articles on the topics of child maltreatment prevention, parent peer support, social investment, and policy advocacy. She is co-author of Six Steps to Child Advocacy: Changing the World for Children (Sage Publications, 2013).

Should we swear in front of our kids?

The other day, my toddler son came home from childcare saying “piss poo”. He is one of the younger children in his classroom and clearly he heard this phrase from an older child he admired. I couldn’t help laughing at this unexpected outburst, which reinforced this behaviour – thus cementing the phrase in his emerging […]

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