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I have been Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington since 1986. I also feel strongly attached to Ohio State University, where I was on the faculty from 1965 to 1986. I had the good fortune to create the first few Implicit Association Tests in 1995. Since then, work on the IAT has benefited hugely from a collaboration involving myself and two other SPN members, Mahzarin Banaji ( and Brian Nosek ( For more information (and downloadable pdf versions of 60 or more publications going back to the late 1960s).

When do children show evidence of self-esteem? Earlier than you might think

A YouTube clip called “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation” recently went viral. The clip shows a four-year-old Jessica standing in front of the bathroom mirror saying what makes her happy about herself. Many youngsters, like Jessica, seem to exude positive feelings about their abilities – they happily report that they are good at running, jumping, drawing, math […]

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