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Adam Duncan is a Biripi man, whose ancestors were traditional custodians of the Manning River region of north-eastern New South Wales. He was a part of the team that developed the Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning program to support early childhood educators in their exploration of reconciliation. Adam is an early childhood educator, storyteller, educational consultant and artist. He currently works as a teacher and educational leader at Wiradjuri Preschool and Child Care Centre at the University of Canberra (Australian Capital Territory). Adam is also part of ECA’s Reconciliation Advisory Group.

Make it personal and meaningful: educators and reconciliation

How can early childhood settings incorporate reconciliation through everyday learning? ECA caught up with preschool teacher and educational leader, ADAM DUNCAN, to hear his views on reconciliation. In the lead up to last year’s ECA Reconciliation Symposium, Adam shared his thoughts with ECA on how educators can achieve change towards reconciliation. He expanded on these ideas […]

What does engagement with reconciliation look like in practice?

This section showcases snapshot examples of the reconciliation journey undertaken by a number of services across Australia. They are all unique, but share common embedded practice strategies that have enabled the children, families, educators and community members to work together in supporting reconciliation. The key strategies are highlighted to signpost the range and breadth of […]

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