Early Childhood Education: Then and Now

Steven Bonnay, professor at Seneca College, Canada delves into the history of early childhood education and how it has evolved. He also explores what is still implemented today and how children learn through different curriculums and methods of teaching around the world. The roots of early childhood education go as far back as the early […]

It takes a village

If it takes an entire community taking an active role in contributing towards the raising of a child, then are we still not acknowledging the male elephant in the room? The advocacy of men in early childhood education (ECE) and the societal perception of male educators in general are troubling for the entire sector, and the […]

Embracing inclusion—an educator’s experience

During my time as an educator, the children in my group spanned across a three-year age range and hailed from 15 or more distinct cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Two were funded for educational support, one with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the other with an unspecified intellectual disability/foetal alcohol syndrome. At the start of […]

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