Getting (cyber)smarter, younger

When very young children tell researchers ‘the internet belongs to Mummy’, you know at least three things. 1. Even the youngest child may have a growing awareness of the online world—and sometimes, direct experience of it. 2. Young children do not fully grasp what the internet is, and 3. This makes them vulnerable. Professor Suzy Edwards has been […]

Giving children a voice in their community

The Melbourne Museum is redeveloping its children’s gallery and as part of the project decided to consult with educators, early childhood specialists, designers and health professionals to make the space as unique and innovative as possible. The initial plan was to include children at the testing stage of the project, but we helped the Museum […]

Physical activity or sun protection?

In early childhood services we are often faced with challenges from policy documents and positions of national, state and territory authorities that sometimes conflict with, or make us rethink, how we run our programs and meet children’s needs. Promoting physical activity The  Early Years Learning Framework demands that we underpin all our practices and policies on […]

Copy paste and copy right

Children’s picture books, artworks and pop songs have been created to share. Right? It is not that simple. Early Childhood Australia has been working on a special Copyright Licence that protects early childhood services as well as the makers and owners of creative works.  Most of us don’t think twice before cutting and pasting a digital picture into a newsletter, sharing a […]

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