‘You get what you get, and don’t get upset’—Emotional suppression in early childhood

As adults, we can unintentionally use language towards children that suppress their emotions—short term and long term. Be You consultant, DR KATHRYN HOPPS, looks into what this can mean for the child and more thoughtful responses we can use. I recently overheard one child say to another, ‘You get what you get and don’t get upset’. […]

Shaping the power of talk

Language is a vital tool for learning as it enables children to build knowledge and extend their thinking. ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR SHEILA DEGOTARDI will be focusing on the value of talk in children in her keynote presentation at the 2019 ECA National Conference. In this blog, Sheila gave us a little insight into her research and […]

Leading the future of early childhood education

LEANNE GIBBS is widely known and respected for her clarity and insights on leadership in early childhood. Her masterclass—Growing great leadership—held on day zero of the 2019 ECA National Conference will explore some of the pressing issues, including the future of leadership in early childhood education and care (ECEC) and the complexities educators face when […]

Early childhood is not flying a plane

What needs to be different about quality in practice? PROFESSOR PETER MOSS, internationally acclaimed early childhood expert and author, shared his insights with The Spoke, ahead of his keynote presentation and workshop at 2019 ECA National Conference. In this interview, Professor Moss talks about the influence of an ‘investment’ approach towards young children and the demands it places […]

This job is real, raw and meaningful

In light of Early Childhood Educators’ Day on Wednesday 4 September, we asked ANNE STONEHOUSE to write about the role of educators in the lives and formation of children. Anne talked to a circle of educators who shared rewarding parts of their daily experiences. Their commitment and dedication is obvious, here they are in their own […]

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